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Healthcare CRM Implementation

Contemplating the Development of a CRM System?

Greystone.Net's assessment and planning for CRMs aids organizations contemplating the development of a CRM system or those who require assistance in re-energizing an existing CRM program. Greystone's hospital CRM implementation services are a cost-effective way to identify and resolve issues that may be hampering both user adoption and payback from resources allocated to your CRM initiative. We guide organizations who have an existing CRM through the challenges of optimizing their program. 

Greystone also helps guide and assess organizations who are purchasing a CRM system for the first time or want to select a new vendor. In this process, Greystone provides assistance in educating internal stakeholders, developing the requirements list, creating the formal RFP, developing scoring sheets and facilitating an objective review process to help clients reach the best decision. Greystone can help you manage the entire selection process.

Whatever your current stage of CRM implementation – from pre-planning to optimization – Greystone.Net can help you develop a CRM roadmap that tightly aligns with your organization’s strategic and business direction. Among other things, the roadmap will help prioritize priorities and identify the tasks and resources needed to help close any gaps.

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