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Social Media Planning for Hospitals and Health Systems

Social media shifts the model of mass communication and radically shapes the way we interact and communicate with one another. Unfortunately, though, the ability to keep up with the vast number of tools and applications eludes most organizations.

Greystone.Net believes that a thoughtful multi-disciplinary social media strategy is essential before you dive in to build your social media channels. We provide a unique perspective on how to prepare for social media on an enterprise-wide basis. We can also help you review your existing social media footprint to make sure it is aligned with your organizational goals.

The typical process for doing social media planning for hospitals and health systems includes gathering insights on potential social media properties and developing a social media strategy that will increase awareness of your brand, protect the organization's image and facilitate communications with and build relationships with target audiences.

The process also includes providing internal education that fosters creative thinking and leads to the development of social media applications with the potential to:

  • Increase awareness of your brand and services.
  • Protect the organization’s reputation and image.
  • Facilitate communication with target audiences.
  • Drive visitors to the website and business to the clinical enterprise.
  • Build social media tactics for engagement with hospital key target audiences.

Outcomes of Social Media Planning:

  • Developing a documented social media tactical plan and strategy supporting organizational efforts
  • Establishing goals and key target audiences
  • Sharing a common vision
  • Specifying the application of existing and new social media technologies
  • Identifying the needed human resources and reporting relationships
  • Defining required financial resources and expected returns
  • Establishing accountabilities and measurable tactics.

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